I had been thinking about what would be a perfect form for a short film;  to create a piece of work that could only successfully exist as a short.  I wanted to explore how much story I could tell with very little – to create something simple and precise yet rich with story and character.  And do it in under 10 minutes with almost nothing. The result was these three short films – each using the same techniques, but telling different stories about the same character.

The audience is led into the maze of contradiction inside someone’s head. Not to tell them the route to the ending, but enable them to find their own way to revelation and understanding;  to know things without them ever having to be said out loud; to explore the comedy of self-contradiction.

We find same character in three personally awkward situations: a party, his brother’s wedding and his mother’s funeral. We eavesdrop on the secret thoughts hiding inside his head and reveal his differing ‘points of view’; what he is say, what he is actually thinks, and his subconscious/neurotic self. These films examine the usually very well-hidden internal debate that occurs in situations of desire, uncertainty and stress.